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SUCH Sporrens  All in One
, toy bitch
(Solnes Rain Dance x Sporrens Mascerade Spot)

Sporrens No Doubt, dwarf poodle bitch
(Sporrens Orange No Nonsen x Sporrens Orange Easy Does It )


Sporrens Im Grown -up, toy poodle bitch
(Hartwins Im a Little Teapot x Sporrens Ready Steady Go)


Sporrens Orange Tatto
, toy poodle bitch
(Pampers Solid Gold at Sporrens x Pampers Red Ballon)

SUCH Sporrens Catch The Style
, toy poodle male
(SUCH USCH Broad Bay Catch Me If You Can  x Sporrens I'm Grown-Up)


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We breed toy and dwarf poodle in the colours
apricot, red, white and silver.

Established 1960.
From time to time we have puppies after qualified parents.
Soundness and nice temperament is important to us.