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Sporrens Orange Appetizer
son 11 years old

SUCH Sporrens Off the Record, red dwarf poodle bitch
(Sporrens Orange Double-Dealer x Sporrens Orange Absolute Access)

SUCH NUCH Sporrens White Arsenic
, white dwarf poodle male born 1977
(SUCH Tuttlebees Winter Willy x Sporrens Baffy)

Sporrens Silver Gaiety Gig
with her sister, toy poodle puppies born 1987
mother of SUCH DUCH Sporrens Silver Never say Never

SUCH AMCH Broadbay Cath Me if You Can, white toy poodle male born 1998

Sporrens Masquerade Spot
, dwarf poodle bitch born 2000
(DKUCH SUCH Lyca Trick Question x  Sporrens Utility Spot )

SUCH NUCH Sporrens Ice Fever
, toy poodle male born 1996
(CH Dell Zarzozo Elios x Sporrens Winther Hazel )

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We breed toy and dwarf poodle in the colours
apricot, red, white and silver.

Established 1960.
From time to time we have puppies after qualified parents.
Soundness and nice temperament is important to us.